We Are Human

by We Are Human

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We Are Human's lyrics are inspired by the works of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. "We live on this world together, but make daily decisions that divide us," comments vocalist Rob de Medeiros. "We choose to see insignificant differences over discernible similarities. The most overlooked commonality is also the simplest: We Are Human."


released February 3, 2015

Recording & Mixing by Thomas Ireland at Icehouse Studios.
Vocals & Mastering by Jon Howard at Woodward Avenue Studios


all rights reserved



We Are Human Woodstock, Ontario

We Are Human is a metal project from Woodstock, ON, featuring the lineup of musicians formerly
known as Misguided Aggression.

Vocals - Rob
Guitar- Ben
Guitar - Randy
Bass - John
Drums - Matt
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Track Name: New Scars, Old Habits
Always looking for a simple distraction
to reduce reality to a meager interaction.
Behind the cabinet door lies an opium den
to set loose the bugs from under the skin.
New scars, old habits.

Seeks the garden of Eden
just to spit on paradise.
Enslaved masochist
denies himself life.
Evanescent revelation;
needle punctures skin.
Atrophying cognition;
impetuous sin.
A cadaverous reflection
staring back at you.
Necrotizing infection;
flesh midnight blue.
Still nothing holds you back
from pandering to your ego.
Every time you feel alive,
you're flying solo.

New scars, old habits.

You don't belong here,
amid this wreckage.
Debris of what you used to be
inside of this adulterated
unhallowed realm.
Making ammends
with the self-disgust
controlling you
searching inside
to find your own voice keeping you alive.
Track Name: Existence
Prone to mistakes.
every step I take.
under all of this weight.
through the threads of fate.
through all walks of life.

How do I escape from this?

The grass is always greener on the other side.

All I need is a second to breathe and rest my eyes.
Please, take me to the other side.

Find a way to climb these walls.
Atrophy within this blackened shell of existence.
Doff the flesh of a hollow man.
Once the creature of reminiscence.
I wish to free myself.

I am only human.
What the hell do you expect from me?
Track Name: Strive
They were always telling me to strive
but I still don't know what it means to feel alive.
Hypnotized, was it all just a lie?
The same words always condemning me to

Every time I looked up, all I saw were blue skies.
Why did it take this long to realize
I was living someone else's life?
The same words always condemning me to

Weaving the warmth of hell around my neck,
I clung to every word as I would the last of my dying breath.
Embracing only what I knew, I never had to know regret.
Never having to look behind the glass,
existence was a paradox abiding in the abstract.
Only when the hole burrowed deeper,
I discovered the remains of my ego.

Everything is changing.
I can still see the ripples from the waves.
All of the dreams I was chasing
are burnt to ashes in the flames.
I said what you wanted me to say.
The numbness is finally slipping away...
Slipping away...

That wasn't who I am.
A sheep in wolf's clothing,
I had no idea who to be.
What you are, I once was.
What I am, you will soon be.
Pretend to be good always,
and even God will be fooled.

From now on I'm living for myself.
This is who I want to be...
Who I want to be.
Track Name: Apotheosis
We have awoken the sun.
Left a world of oblivion.
We see the world as it should be:
Utopian dream.

We watched Cain turn on Abel;
a fight to the death.
When man turns on his brother,
there is no hope left.

We are gods. We are human.

With every day that we have lived,
with every hour we've witnessed,
it seems our lives have just begun.

We are gods. We are human.

Yet we let the good die young.
Famine is still the loudest song sung.
Lead the lambs to slaughter.
Hang them from the lowest rung.
Humanity will only be saved
when pride is erased.
Never acknowledging what we cannot see;
leave nothing to mystery.
Why do we let this go on?

We will rise everywhere.
We will raise everything.

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